Universal Sailing Club 2019 Cruising Schedule (Official USC Events in Bold)


April 1 - May 31  Yacht Commissioning Months 

April 13  Spring Board Meeting 

April 26 - 28 Annapolis Spring Sailboat Show

April 27 Spring Kick Off Meeting – 2 pm – location TBD

June 1 Shakedown Cruise – Magothy River (Magothy Marina)

June 15  Club Sail – location TBD

July 4 Sail and watch fireworks wherever you like

(Rock Hall fireworks are on July 3)

July 13 Open House and Workshops – Anchorage Marina – 12 pm  

July 27 - 28 Wye Island raft up

August 4 Club Sail – location TBD

August 17 Youth Sail – Baltimore and Annapolis

Aug 31 - Sept 2 Labor Day Sail on your own

September 7 Souls at Sea – Location TBD

October 11 - 14 US Sailboat Show – Annapolis 

October 12 - Meet up at Pusser’s Restaurant roof top – 3 pm

October 19 Board Meeting – Location TBD

October 25 End of Season Sail – Destination TBD

November 2  End of Season Meeting – Location TBD

November 10 Change of Watch (Board Transition Meeting)

Important Notes


1. In case the weather makes sailing prohibitive, each cruise and club sail has an alternate date which is the same day on the following week.

2.  A Club Sail is when members with boats host those who would like to go sailing. The location will depend on captain and crew availability and the goal is to sail together as a fleet for a fun day on the water.

Let’s get out there. The Chesapeake is waiting!!

2019 USC Crusing Schedule Download