2019 Event Pics So Far...


2019 Spring Kickoff Meeting...

Chameleon Departing for Herrington Harbor


After an early spring journey  up  the bay, up the Severn River, fighting wind and waves, Chameleon  heads back to her home port. 

Line Handling Workshop


USC members look on intently to learn how to toss lines and tie a proper figure of eight 8 and a half hitch onto a cleat to become valuable crew. 

Madame Commodore looking over her flock/fleet.


Are you listening?

Yes, they are listening.


Members shared richly about their sailing experience and excitement about the 2019 sailing season. 

New USC Jackets!


Profiling the new swag!

Dockside prior to departure.


Preparing for the journey back to Baltimore. 

Universal Sailing Club Line Handling Workshop!

The first sailing workshop of 2019 USC sailing season series for members only! Join and learn! Safety first, fun throughout!

The 2019 Shakedown!


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