Youth Day!


Maritime Exposure...

Youth Day is intended to foster a love for sailing by exposing our children to the sport. The Chesepeake Bay, the largest and most beautiful estuary in the world is literally their "backyard". Therefore, sailing offers the opportunity to expand their world view, which is why it is a vital part of our yearly schedule.

Cultivating the next generation of sailors...

The USC has dedicated itself to keeping the tradition of sailing vibrant by engaging our youth in the maritime lifestyle. We get them out on boats to have a realtime experience of how nature can propel our vessels to destinations without a motor! What a concept! Our ulterior motive is to pass the baton or helm as it were, to the next generation of black sailors!

Our Invitation...

We invite your teens and young adults to join our club in this amazing and engaging lifestyle that engenders a sense of freedom and responsibility simultaneously. We hope to see you on our next youth day. Stay tuned...

Exposing & Educating Our Youth


Hands On Crew!

Our youth pulling jib sheets as a team of sailors!


Baltimore Raft Up

Kareem Aziz speaking truth to power!


Real Time Learning

Our USC founder, Marcus Asante schooling our youth on the history of our ancestors sailing the Chesapeake Bay and using a chart to navigate its waterways.