Who We Are


The Universal Sailing Club (USC) was founded in 2001 by Marcus Asante and Michael Campbell, who gathered sailors on the Chesapeake Bay, from Baltimore, Annapolis and Washington, and the D.C. areas. The club was conceived for African Americans to share culture and camaraderie while sailing on the bay’s wondrous tributaries and exploring the many culturally significant, historic landmarks. Asante became the club’s first commodore with a background as a sailing instructor, inviting Campbell to serve as co-founder and first fleet captain because of his lifelong sailing experience in NY and organization background. They continue to keep a sharp eye on the helm as other qualified members step into leadership, maintaining the rich history and heritage from which it began. From the growing interest of African Americans intrigued by the sport of sailing, the USC has expanded to include member sailors from outside the Chesapeake Bay to around the country and abroad. The club also participates in cruising getaways around the world. 

The USC welcomes all sailors that express interest to align with its powerful mission and vision.


Join us in sailing the Chesapeake Bay, its rivers and destinations!

West River 

South River 



Rock Hall 

St. Michael’s

Severn River And more…

One our biggest USC raft-ups ever!


The club organizes on-the-water sailing activities, raft-ups and cruising getaways. Its members have participated in sailing charter events as captains and crew along the Atlantic coast, in the Caribbean, the Pacific, Europe and elsewhere. They have carried the club burgee to far-flung locales, including the Seychelles Islands and the Mediterranean.

The club has collaborated with other black boating clubs, and it has offered support to major bay sailing events, including the Annapolis Maritime Festival and the Volvo Around-the-World Race.

We believe that education and water safety are vital to enjoyment on the water. Our members have participated in classes leading to certification in various boating skills, including the Coast Guard captain’s license.

News coverage about the club has appeared in various media outlets including The Baltimore Sun, Washington Post, Baltimore City Paper, Community Times, and Spin Sheet Magazine.

Club members possess a variety of experiences, skill sets and professional qualifications. Members include certified sailing instructors, semi-professional crew, and the club has conducted numerous summer sailing day camps for young people.